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Labour just won

Update: Ooh, and Labour held the Preseli's :o)

Update2: It annoys me that they keep on saying, at the start of Labour's second term, that they're historic as the first Labour government to have a whole second term. Surely there are political conditions which can force a general election prematurely (vote of no confidence in the government, for instance) which surely would mean it was not a full term. Just a little gripe :o)

Update3: Ken Clarke got in. He's very confusing, since he actually doesn't come off as the Tory scum that he probably is. Pro Europe, for one. And he also talks some degree of sense about a number of issues. I'm still yet to decide whether he'd be a decent successor to Hague, should he step down. IMHO, he's certainly better than Michael f'ing Portillo, so... But is any Tory a good Tory? Probably not... :o)

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Bah. Thanks for telling me ...

When given the only likely alternative, it's a good thing :o)

Of course, if the Lib Dems had managed it, that'd rule :o)

Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Er ... sorry about the zillion screwed-up replies to this ... %-)

Bless you, my son.

NEAT to see a 2000-point font for the first time, mind. 8-D

I don't think it was large enough - you were cheated :o)

INDEED. *sheepish look* 8-)

But is any Tory a good Tory?

James, shame on you. I've told you the answer to this question many times.

But is any Tory a good Tory?

Yes, a DEAD one.

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