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The rest of my evening
I've finished polishing up the song that David and I wrote (well, he did most of it). It's looking good. I'm fitting guitar to it now, although that's tricky. I might just leave it at lyrics and bass, because I can easily do that.

Just had another four slices of toast - that makes 8 today, with minimal effort. My goal of eating at least two meals every day to get back into the habit of doing so is working. A few more days like today, and I'll be bored of toast but still hungry, so I'll be able to go cook other food. Which is a very good thing indeed. But right now, I still don't feel like it.

So, just got off the phone from Jen. Let it be said now that I love her with all my heart. Thank you. So, yes, off the phone, and looking for something to do. The others are going to the HotHouse, but I'd sooner die, so I think I'll watch a film. There's many I've not seen for quite some time. Looking through my DVDs, only the following strike me as being films I'd like to watch right now:
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Being John Malkovich
  • Blade Runner (director's cut)
  • The Faculty
  • Fight Club
Right now, while Blade Runner would be appropriate to certain things I've discussed lately, and Shawshank is just one of the best movies ever, I'm leaning more towards Fight Club or Being John Malkovich. Just because Fight Club is still such a great movie, and is so profound, and BJM is just fucked up. And I appreciate how good films that are totally fucked up are :o)

We'll see... :o)


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