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Right then
I've toasted bread in my room for the first time - hooray. Four slices of yummy toast, courtesy of my new toaster. It's currently on my window ledge, so that the excess heat and smoke particles don't set off my fire alarm. But it's good, and it works fine, which is just great. No more starvation for James, not now that he can make toast :o)

I voted Lib Dem, because... well... that's who I support. Won't make a lick of difference, but that's besides the point.

David and I have been writing a song. By that, I mean he wrote me a song the other day, I've taken it, fixed a few parts that I thought could be done better, and put some guitar to it. It's great, perhaps I'll record it someday, if I ever decide to sing for you peons again :o)

Update: Oh, yeah, I had a dream last night. I had to go investigate this place that did piercings, and I decided to get one myself. It was either going to be a nipple or an eyebrow, and I was going to ask which one would hurt more. Which was fun... Thankfully, I didn't - it would have hurt :o)

There was also something about some boarding school or something, but I forget what... Hmm... Oh well, it might come back to me...

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What happened to your near legendary fear of all things sharp and pointy?

Frankly, my concern about piercings is more to do with the punching of a hole through me in a painful manner, rather than the needle.

The thing with my huge fear of needles is the injection of fluid into my body, and the very fine pricking of it, rather than putting a hole in me. Hard to explain what it is, but there's something...

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