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Oh, man... BTInternet's terms of service include this little gem:
6.5 You must not use the Service:

c) to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety;
Ah, these guys crack me up... I think I'm gonna go around newsgroups complaining at all BTI users who could conceivably have bugged me :o)

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You are already in breach because:

1) you don't eat properly
2) you don't get enough sleep
3) you don't study hard enough


4) you say so on your journal

which definitely causes me needless anxiety so consider yourself warned......

I am often not on BTI when I update my journal - I'm either on Demon, or the Uni network. Plus, much of the time, I merely omit detail, and you worry that this means I've not done stuff. I get sufficient sleep and food, I just don't post when I do :o)

is this the addition they just made and mentioned without actually mentioning what it was they'd added?

Most ISP say... "we reserve the right to modify the terms without notifying the users"

hum ho

joy, at least we get told when we're being buggered with :o)

BT Internet have fallen foul of their own rule then. Because if I can't connect to BTI for two successive days, that definitely causes me annoyance, inconvenience and needless anxiety!

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