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Right then
Well, it's the day before elections. I have scrapped my idea to travel home to vote, because I simply can't afford it. So I shall vote here instead. And my vote will be an odd one - but I'm past tactical voting at this point. I want to give a vote to the party I support, even if it is as good as wasted. So the Liberal Democrat candidate for Brighton Pavilion will have an extra vote from me tomorrow. The thing that finally swayed me was Charles Kennedy simply saying "If you want public services, we're gonna tax ya" or something along those lines. They've now moved to the left of Labour, which means they automatically get my vote.

Ooh, and a treat for you peons - I got my guitar out, and played Lifehouse - Everything, with my Lifehouse guitar pick. I think my playing is crap, but heck, there we go, I'll still inflict it on you, if you just click these links:

Intro with funny bit at the end

Loud final chorus

Anyway, so yeah, there's that stuff for you, if you like :o)

News on the America front - looks like Jen is going home on July 28th, which means that I only get 26 days with her... Which on the face of it looks bad, but actually, there is an up-side (and I am so very good at seeing silver linings in everything right now). The up-side being that I now have a definite time for when I visit my relatives in New York. The plan before was always that I'd have to take time off from seeing Jen to visit them, which I didn't like. This way, the decision is made for me, and I'll not have to feel quite so guilty. So best start contacting my various relatives in Manhattan. Plus, at the end of it, I may have enough money to pop down to Virginia (in a subtle manner, of course), and see her again. This is a warning to all of you - watch out ;o) But I dunno if Jen would go for that - worlds colliding and stuff. I know it's be weird if the roles were reversed... But it's always an idea. I'm full of them, you know... :o)

Anyway, it's now too late to play my guitar, so I'm sat here listening to music instead. I love my new pick, it's so much more flexible than my old one, although I'm not yet sure if that's going to help or not. But it's different. Which is nice... :o)

OK, the rambling has started, so I'm just gonna hit "Post" before it gets any worse... :o)

Update: A million reasons just sprang to mind why I shouldn't visit Virginia under any circumstances, so that's that little question answered :o)

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this world is your world is my world is the same world

don't worry about it =)

virginia's not so bad

Hey, long time no see on this thing :o)

I'm glad you're back sweetie :o)

you know you should come to Virginia! ; )

Hmm.... Maybe.... Who knows?

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