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That's the noise in my ears. They're ringing a lot. Ouch.

At Victoria station, this girl came up to me. She put her head on one side, moved it way closer to my face than is usual with contact with strangers, and said "Do you have 40 pence on you?". I said "No", because she was creeping me out, and I don't like being specifically asked for money. She then went on to show me a hospital tag on her arm, and tell me that she'd just gotten out, and needed to get home. I told her I had nothing, and backed away deceptively quickly.

People scare me. I'm going to live in my room permanently from now on.

Then again, there was some guy in Brighton selling the Big Issue, and making all sorts of promises of things that come free with it - interior decorating, loft conversions and stuff - if I'd had any money on me at that point, I'd have bought it just to reward his sense of humour :o)

In other, sad news, Joyce is leaving on the 13th, and going back to America. We're having a send-off meal on Monday. We're all going to cry buckets, I can tell :o(

Update: I do not own food any more. I think I used it all. I've not eaten lately, so I didn't notice. Must buy food tomorrow. Or today, rather :o)


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