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So, from the top. Welcome back to my journal - gone for more than 24 hours, that's quite something. David left phone and ICQ messages everywhere, because he thought I'd gone and done something stupid, what with having deleted my journal, and not having answered the phone or been online all day. That, however, is because of the concert I am about to tell you about.... :o)

Right, so, as I said, let's start at the beginning. Got up this morning, after three hours of sleep. I'm currently running on autopilot due to the fact that I've not slept hardly at all these past two nights, which makes for interesting interaction with people, since I'm insensible most of the time. If this journal entry makes sense, I owe myself $50, because I just bet myself it wouldn't. So yes, I got up, and went down to check the post. And there, low and behold, was this:

So, I came back to the flat, and got together a few clothes. For the first time since I got here, I had the pick of my wardrobe - I could choose any outfit, since everything was dirty and needed washing. So I grabbed a nice pair of black jeans, a blue t-shirt, my lucky purple boxers (they're not lucky as in "getting lucky" - but everybody should have a pair of underwear they consider a lucky charm - like Calvin's lucky rocketship underpants), and took it all down to the launderette. A while later, I have a clean (although damp) outfit, so I'm set to go.

So I wander over to the station, first bumping into Mice, Jimbo and Harry and chatting to them, which was nice. Got the train to Brighton, and wandered down to the beach for a while, and just stared at the sea. I'm doing that a lot lately - I miss lots of things, and looking at the sea helps with that. Jen, my childhood, lack of responsibility, all those things that I miss are made a tiny bit better by looking at the sea.

I then went back to the station, and got the train to London Victoria. Once there, I wandered up along Buck Palace Road, past the palace itself, and then along a load of side streets. I eventually reached Parliament Square, where I arrived just in time to hear Big Ben chime 4pm. I then wandered back along Birdcage Walk and through St. James's Park, over the bridge, past the pelicans, and out again. I then wandered up to Trafalgar Square, and sat on the edge of one of the fountains for a while, thinking. It's a long time since I've been there - a very long time indeed.

After that, I left, and wandered aimlessly through Soho. When I got to Piccadilly Circus, a very weird thing happened. Within the space of 5 minutes, three guys accosted me and offered to sell me various drugs. The first one walked up to me and proudly announced "Marijuana?!", to which I said "Uh, no thanks". The next guy actually tried to sell me coke (or it may have been crack, I forget), and I told him no also. I dunno what the third one was trying to sell me, because I'd never heard of it, but one assumes it was a pseudonym for pot... Anyway, with money intact, and free of drugs, I then wandered along Shaftesbury Avenue until I reached Charring Cross Road. I walked up that, and found the location of the gig. So I knew where I was going, and was free to continue to explore.

I walked to Tottenham Court Road and got a train from there, but sadly, I took the wrong turning. Instead of taking the escalators, I went down a huge spiral staircase thing, with architecture that reminded me of Half Life in places - it was creepy. I finally got to the bottom though, and caught a train to Oxford Circus, and from there, to Marylebone, which I arrived at at about 5pm. I bought a drink, and sat around for a bit there, just for the sake of being somewhere familiar. I needed that drink, since I ran up the stairs from the underground, rather than using the escalator - at Marylebone, I always take the stairs - there's about 100ish, and it's good exercise to run up them, even if it does knacker your legs...

Following my quick Mars Drink there, I took various tubes back to Trafalgar Square, from which I walked along The Strand, then down to The Embankment. I then wandered along there until I got back to the houses of Parliament, in time to see Big Ben strike 6pm. I then walked further, and went along a load of side roads, and got wholly lost. Took me about half an hour to find where I was, and by this time, I'd walked all the way back to Victoria. So I got the tube from there back to Tottenham Court Road, and walked to The Borderline, the venue for the gig.

Anyhow, I arrived at about 7pm or so, in time to bump into the band on the street. I said Hello, and Jason said Hi back. Wow, the lead singer of Lifehouse said Hi to me. The voice that sings some of my favourite songs greeted me. Kickass!! Anyhow, they went into the place, and I hung around outside. There were, like, no people lining up, even though it was just an hour before the doors opened. Odd. There was one other person there when I arrived, who also spoke to the band - a girl called Emma. For a little background, she's from Essex, and is a major Corrs groupie - i.e., Andrea Corr knows her name. She's been to exclusive private shows, and chatted to them loads, and stuff. I'm sure David would have loved her.... :o)

Anyhow, she didn't have a ticket, since everywhere she'd seen had sold out, so she was waiting for the scalpers to arrive. After hanging out with her for a while, we were joined by an American (from Manhattan) called Kip. He too was without a ticket, and I started feeling guilty for already having one. Anyway, he went off to wander, and I went to get some cokes for myself and Emma, since she was thirsty but couldn't leave in case somebody with a spare ticket dropped by. I managed to wander half the length of London yet again to find somewhere that sold Coke, for some reason, but eventually I did. Anyway, there was a slow trickle of people that formed some sort of queue, although there were only about 14 of them. Shocking, really.

So, 8pm comes, and the doors open. I bid Emma and Kip goodbye, and good luck with finding tickets, and go in. The place was tiny - like, smaller than East Slope Bar, and it was so cool too. Some dark little basement, with a bar. And, since it had a bar, I had a drink, and sat down at a bar thing less than two metres from the stage. Which was pretty damned cool, since my legs were killing me. Anyway, the support act came on - Zanderman, they're called (samples of their music are available here), and they were bloody excellent. It sounded very generic-rock, but I couldn't place a single band that they really sounded like. Kinda an old genre, in a new light, or something. I dunno. But they were very good, and their lead guitarist managed to renew my interest in playing lead, rather than bass :o)

After they went off, the place started getting a bit more crowded. So I left my nice seated position, and took up a position on the club floor, right in front of the middle of the stage. During the intermission, they took the whole thing (like, the drum kits, the pedals, the amps) apart and put it back together again, which took so damned long... I felt a prod on my arm, and it was Emma and Kip, who had managed to get in after all, which was good. They told me that since there were only 125 people there, they'd managed to get the management to sell them some tickets at £7 a go. Which is £1.95 cheaper than I got mine for, and I got mine the proper way. Hmph. Then again, they missed the support band to do that, and I think the support band were worth at least £2 to see. I predict big things for them, just as soon as the music-buying population comes to their senses.

Anyway, then eventually, Lifehouse came on, and played the following set (as far as I remember, the order of some of the middle ones may be out):
  1. Cling and Clatter (with a really cool guitar solo in it, most impressive - lasted ages)
  2. Quasimodo
  3. Somebody Else's Song
  4. Some new song they've written, which was quite good
  5. Only One
  6. Simon
  7. Somewhere In Between
  8. Sick Cycle Carousel (which will be their next single, apparently)
  9. Everything
  10. Hanging By A Moment
So it wasn't that long a show, but it was such quality.

Firstly, they opened it with one of my favourite songs, which ruled. That made the whole thing even better, really, because I started off on a good note. Then they played my less favourite songs, and worked up to my favourite ones, which was good - it's nice to save the really good stuff until the end. The only two songs I really like that they didn't play were Unknown and Breathing - I have live acoustic MP3s of both, so that worked out quite well, considering.

Anyway, when they got to Sick Cycle Carousel, I was really in a dancing mood, doing the old "getting on down" thing. Kip and Emma were way nearer the back than I was, on account of how I'm now at that stage where I choose where I stand at concerts ;o) So I was right by the front - if I'd put my arm out, I could've grabbed Jason's leg (although I'd not want to). I was even close enough to know that he wears Calvin Klein boxer shorts, which is something I'm impressed with knowing :o)

So yeah, there I am, stood at the front, screaming my lungs out, but not even I could hear even a bit of my singing, because I was right underneath one of the ceiling-mounted speakers. Which was so cool, although now I can't hear right at all, and have a buzzing in my ear. But still, it's to be expected for the next 24 hours or so. Then they played "Everything", and for the first four minutes, I stood there with my eyes closed, on the edge of tears, mumbling the words. It's just such a moving song. At the four minute mark (on the album one, at any rate), it then goes from soft to hard, and true to form, when they played it, it went from ballad-like to very hard rock. At this point, I actually did start crying as I sang along to the words, just because the emotion in Jason's voice was so astonishing. The whole song was just so moving.

And then they finished that one, and played a really cool rock intro to Hanging By A Moment, before it faded, and we were left with the actual lead guitar opening to it. Again, I sang along at the top of my little voice, tears streaming down my face, just because... well... the song is just very important to me. I've not heard a song that really meant a lot to me played live since I saw Live do They Stood Up For Love at that concert, and never before that had I experienced it. There's just something about hearing a song that touched you, be played by the band right there, with the singer singing it within arms reach of you. So special....

That was their last song, and they left the stage. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with P... Yes, that's right - Plectra. Or is it Plectrums? OK, Guitar Picks. Anyway, there were 6 picks fixed into each of the two microphone stands. I made a dash for Jason's one, but some technician guy got them first, and threw them into the crowd. I didn't get one. However, I then spotted the other set, and wandered over there. I hopped up onto the stage, grabbed me a Lifehouse Guitar Pick, and hopped back down again. This one is the possession of one Stu Mathis, their "guitar guy", who played with them in early demos, and plays guitar for them on tour and is part of the official lineup, despite not being on the album cover. He's the one who plays the part of Hanging By A Moment that I can play, so it's nice that I have one of his picks. And I got the first one of those :o)

Anyway, after that, I went to see about buying Zanderman's CD, or perhaps a Lifehouse t-shirt, but I didn't have enough money for either, and though Emma offered to lend me some, I declined - it wasn't really worth it, to be honest... I'll just have to find the Zanderman MP3s somewhere (there's stuff on, as I said above), and I don't need a t-shirt for a band that nobody ever heard of, so... Anyway, I got me my guitar pick, since my old one is presently absent.

So yeah, then we all went back to the station, and parted company. I managed to get some nicely timed trains back home, where I found that the next night bus wasn't for 50 minutes, and that the station was closed. So I had to withdraw money and get a taxi. Damnit. Oh well, I'm back now, eh... And that was one damned wicked night. I expect I've missed out many cool details, but I'll remember them in time to tell you all tomorrow. Now to post this :o)

Update: If you wonder about the route I took wandering around London, there are many good maps available - that's why I dropped all those names into it, so that people could follow what I did... :o)

Update 2: Aww, tit - I've just checked my wallet, I had easily enough (well, just about enough) to buy Zanderman's album... I wanted that... Grr...

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Did anyone actually read all of that? I gave up after like the 3rd line...

Unlikely - they'd probably have commented if they had. Not that I care - I wrote it for me, not them :o)

Re: Jesus Christ

I read it, now where's my prize? ;-)

Re: Jesus Christ

I read it too:)
Do I get a prize?

I read it too, but it was so long by the time I'd got ot the end I'd forgotten the beginning and I'm far too lazy to check it.

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