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The update you've been waiting for
Well, it's been a long time in coming - my life has been hectic lately, and I've not been able to update very much. However, now it's time.... Presenting - my last few days :o)

Well anyway, the computer was a farce. But you all know about that. Today we took the PC back to where we got it from, and got a refund. So I'm stuck with £250 worth of peripherals which I can't use until I get my new PC. We've ordered another one, and it'll cost over £200 less, but won't get here for another 3 weeks. But I guess I can wait. I shall be able to spend the difference on lots of goodies and such, which will certainly be good. Lava Lamp is first on my list, closely followed by a mobile phone, and a few other things....

Anyway, that girl at work was in the conference room all morning, so I couldn't turn the air conditioning right down and use the 8000, which was a shame, since I had a couple of tests to run on that, and I wanted to do them sooner rather than later. The Nitrogen and Oxygen will have run out soon, so.... Speaking of Nitrogen, on the big bottles of the stuff, it warns "Danger: Asphyxiant in high concentrations". Which seems a bit silly, really. Because for it to be one, it'd have to be concentrated to the point where any gas is an asphyxiant. The only gas which isn't is Oxygen.... So I'd have thought it was obvious.... Speaking of gases, we're currently doing some tests on Hydrogen. I'd swear that when the flow out of the instrument is near my face, my voice goes squeaky, like it does in helium. I wonder if breathing argon or something makes your voice lower. I won't test it, I don't think :o)

I've just made myself some cerial - with the usual amount of sugar. I shall be hyper all evening now, but hey, who cares? It's only sugar.... That (in a roundabout way) reminds me about my a-levels. Well, you know, sugar is taught about in Biology, and is obviously a chemical. Anyway, I was just thinking today that I really deserved an A in Chemistry more than I did in Biology. See, in Biology, I know 80% of the material absolutely flawlessly. However, there's a fifth of the stuff that I have no idea about at all. I know literally nothing of the kidneys, the liver, plant transport etc (I know nothing of Xylem, Phloem, Mass Flow, any of that crap). I got an A by simply compensating for that by being brilliant in my slightly narrower field of knowledge. Which isn't necessarily the best way of judging my grade. In Chemistry, on the other hand, I know practically everything, just not necessarily as well as I could. I'm well versed in all the topics in Chemistry, but I don't score so highly on them. I think that makes me a better Chemist than Biologist.

Oh, I've also been thinking about MSN Messenger, and stuff... Specifically, things about it. I've changed David's name agian, reflecting how bored I get when he's not about. Ho hum... Also, I've still not managed to stop flirting outrageously with everybody I speak to. It's become far too much of a natural reaction to just flirt with everybody, regardless of whether I'm interested or not, and it's getting on my nerves. Sure, if I would just bother to transfer all those things to 'real life', it'd be good, but as it is, there's little point in flirting meaninglessly with people I never see... And funnily enough, that's just totally not mirrored by real life. In reality, I only get close (physically at least) to so very few people. I'm highly selective, in favour of people I have proper emotions for (yes, even Liz - I actually liked her once, hard as it may be to believe). Not that I'm swimming in offers that I'm turning down, but it has been known once or twice. I need to stop being picky before I go to Uni, otherwise I'll have simply no fun...

I've been thinking - I ought to make the "Post a comment" and such things at the bottom of this post graphical. I dunno why I'd do that, but it'd be neat or something. I could incorporate the %%message-count%% or whatever identifier it is into the URL of the picture, and thus have a different picture for each number. That way, I could represent the number of comments graphically. Of course, if ever I got like 60 comments, I'd probably not have an image ready for that. However, my idea is kept practical by a lack of interest in my journal... Speaking of LiveJournal, I've decided to become a paid member, and also pay for David to become one, as my sort-of-birthday present to him (since what with all the computer stuff, I've not had a chance to find him a decent present). Now it's just the decision of whether I ought to just stuff $50 into an envelope and post it to Brad. I don't see why not, provided his postal workers don't open mail... I got paid today (I now have £930 in my account), and so I figured that with my computer being cheaper, I can afford to spend about £150 on frivolous items for myself. That includes the lava lamp, along with a few other little things. I really want a picture or three for my walls in my room at Uni - bring a little culture with me. I'll take some paintings of Pembrokeshire in Wales, probably - we've lots of those, and my parents won't miss the odd one :o)

Oh, this morning, I got some spam. But it was sent to my house address. To the name "Jim Davies". Now, only a very few people will get how funny that truly is. I've signed up to like, three things online, where I gave my home address, and the name Jim Davies - shouldn't be too hard to track down which fuckwits sold my name and address so some prize draw thing (yes David, just like your grandmother got) in Kansas or wherever it was... I shall have them strung up by their testicles, the bastards....

Oh, and this afternoon, I had a talk with my boss, which basically made me feel a lot happier about my job. I've been rather upset about how it's been going lately (what with nothing actually working right), but I got some good results, which I've now got to put into a report. I have a few projects now which I can be working on - finding a temperature coefficient and testing the equipment on hydrogen being two of those. And I only have another three weeks after this one, which makes me rather happy, since being lazy is far better than working. Anyway, more later, hopefully...


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