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Today - Review
In what critics have dubbed his "most annoying starring role ever", James Webley plays an unfit student in his latest blockbuster. In a plot line that left test audiences in pain, we see the main character jogging half-way to Lewes, before realising that he's the most unfit person in the universe, and as such, can't do it. After a brief rest, he jogs half the remaining distance, and comes upon a Little Chef, where he eats a couple of slices of toast to keep himself going. He then strolls the remaining distance.

The film is rated "R", due to excessive swearing, heard in the scene where he finds that the entire high street is closed and neither supermarket (one of which purporting to be open 24 hours a day) are open. Our hero then limps to the station and gets a train back to the University, resolving never again to jog that infernal route again.

I would not recommend this film to anybody. It truly sucked.

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Perhaps you are confused. Could this so called blockbuster be nothing more than a good old fashioned comedy? Made me laugh!

When your eldest son collapses by a roadside and you find that you've suddenly lost your only reasonable chance at grandchildren, I will remind you of your words today... :o)

*thinks about it*
OK, I take it back, you are their only reasonable chance at grandchildren. Just ignore me.

(Deleted comment)
please tell me you aren't going to go forth and mulitpy, that would be like me inflicting my children on the world.

And would you like a producer, I've been told thats my skill as far as films are concerned!

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