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I just ate 12 slices of toast. That wasn't among the top 10 smart things I've ever done, really... However, it's good to be eating again - I'll have some cereal in a bit, since I bought milk earlier (I had cereal already today, but I bought two pints instead of one, so...). Anyway, so far, my day has been simple. Slept until the afternoon, got up, bought food, ate food, ordered my toaster, watched Die Hard, spoke to David, Jo, Scott and Gabby, ate more food, went on computer.

Tomorrow's plan is to do the laundry (and I will do it this time - I'm down to my bad yellow shirt), go running (with either Ebs or Vicky, perhaps), and... well... that's about it, really. I've nowt else to do :o)

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This from Simon Marshall - Professional Bum? :o)

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