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I've not been posting much. Sorry. Must try harder tomorrow. Until then, I leave you with the following thoughts:
  • My computer sucks, and will be replaced
  • It's almost a week since I told Bri I love him
  • I have to go to bed now, because I'm tired
  • My life is boring right now
  • It's only 5 weeks before Uni, hurrah!
  • Yet again, the sum total of people who are interested in me and are in any way convenient is 0
Ho hum... G'night all...

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I'd just like to point out...

I'd just like to point out that I am always willing to chinwag with a man of your caliber. Granted, I am not David Whitney or every going to be as good as him (he's a top bloke, eh?) but I will try to be a good Scott.

Re: I'd just like to point out...

I shall bear that in mind... And David ain't a top bloke - he's a git :o)

Re: I'd just like to point out...

Good show! And what makes you think David is a git?

Re: I'd just like to point out...

Well he's no Scott Freeman now, is he? :o)

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