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Oh yeah....
Guess who is going to see Lifehouse on Tuesday...

Yes kids, it's me. I will be seeing them at The Borderline in London, a place that nobody I asked had ever heard of. And the venue isn't advertised on any Lifehouse sites. Odd, really.... But it's hosted such acts as James, The Lightning Seeds (their first live performance), Live, Mark Knopfler, Oasis, Pearl Jam, REM, etc. And they do describe Lifehouse as "US Rock", so I'm confident it's the right people.

So, why no advertising and very little publicity for the gig? The reason - the venue has a capacity of just 275 people. Yes kids, I get to see one of my favourite bands in a place with just 274 other people. How amazingly cool is that? And I thought Semisonic was a small one (well, it was, compared to Eminem, REM or The Corrs), but this one is just going to be mindblowing...

274 people!

Wow... Now all I need to do is find it. Allegedly, it's located at:

Orange Yard, off Manette Street, Soho, London
The map puts Manette Street as being a road coming off Charing Cross Road, between Oxford Street and Leicester Square. The gig (and it is a gig rather than a concert) starts at 8pm, doors open at 7pm, so I can get into London for, say, 5pm. That way, I'll be there nice and early, and be able to find where the heck I'm going.

And I think I'll not take my mobile phone or anything - just my ticket for the gig, and my train ticket. That way, I can quit worrying about losing stuff. Ah, this is going to be so cool :o)

Right, off to the shop to buy stuff....

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gotta be the right Lifehouse...

they're touring with Bon Jovi.. who's now in Europe - positive it's them - yay for you - i'm jealous.. how'd you get a ticket anyways...?

Re: gotta be the right Lifehouse...

Ah, excellent... And even better news - Bon Jovi won't be there! Hooray! ;o)

Or perhaps he will, and then I'll at least be able to boast about it, even if it does piss me off :o)

As for how I got tickets - I relied on the fact that I'll make credit card purchases on a whim, the fact that I find out about concerts pretty much as they're announced, the fact that the tickets were half the normal price anyway, and the fact that nobody over here has the faintest clue as to who Lifehouse are. Result :o)

my friend adam that lives down the street from me, the guy that recently moved here, told me that when he lived in florida he played with lifehouse. like, before they were famous.

how cool is that? :)

Very cool :o)

Hey, maybe if I invade the stage they'll let me play with them too.......

*a plan forms...*

Um, or not :o)

This is a godsend for planning your way around the Underground in London, helped me many a time.

I have an A-Z of London somewhere. Probably back home, where I can't get at it... :o)

No, wait, I have it here. Woohoo!

Yes but, if you read that as your progressing through London you're more likely to come over as all 'touristy' and the chances of you being mugged or severly battered increases. Do you see? :Þ

Yes, however, if I study it, perhaps, now, then all will be fine. I know approximately where it is - the concert I went to last time (at the Astoria) is close by to there. So what I need to do is get to the crossroads by there, whose location I already know. Then go down Charing Cross road, and look out for the road I want on my right. If I reach Shaftsbury Avenue, I've gone too far. Then, go down that road, and the place I'm looking for is a club on my right.

See? :o)

I beleive I picked one up in a random tube station in London.. just a thoguht but you might wanna look for them when you get there.. on the off-chance that you get lost of course.... :)

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