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(Private) Hmm
Ordered my toaster and an extension cord online - it's easier than trying to find the store in Brighton, and means I only need go to the supermarket instead. Which in turn means I can go to Lewes, run to Tesco, and stuff. Which I could do now, in fact.... Let's see...


Yes, it's open 24 hours a day. I might go this evening, in that case, or indeed go now. But then again, all I need is bread and milk and stuff - perhaps the Student Union shop would be a better bet right now. Although, Tesco does sell that chicken stuff that I like, and eat lots of. But yeah, maybe Student Union shop right now is a better idea, then Tesco sometime next week.

While shopping for my toaster online, I saw this really beautiful necklace... Hmm... idea.... But one I'm keeping to myself :o)


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