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Another wasted day
Well, not quite. I did hand in my work. But that was sort of yesterday. I'm running on 14 days per week, 12 hours per day, right now. So in theory, I handed in my work yesterday, since I slept for about 6 hours this afternoon... Hmm... Regardless, yes, in the last 24 hours, I finished and handed in my essay, which is something. I also ate, which is something else. Plans for tomorrow....

Go into Brighton, buy myself a toaster, and some butter and peanut butter, since I'm out. And perhaps some nice bread with which to christen my new toaster. Before doing this, however, I may go on a run, and do my laundry. Tidying my room can wait for Sunday, since that doesn't require anywhere to be open. Ah, a plan.

And part of the plan is that I go to sleep, approximately, in a little while. So a preemptive goodnight :o)


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