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(Private) How to stop being depressed
Hmm... let's see... Firstly, eat more often, and better foods. Chocolate, cookies and sweets can't be doing me any good. Real meals every day from now on.

Secondly, run more. It's been fun improving my stamina and fitness, but I need to keep up with that. Regular jogging will help, and it'll get me fresh air if nothing else...

Thirdly, tidy my room - living in such a bloody mess of paper and clothes isn't improving my mood much, I expect. The tidier my room, the more I can invite the other in to watch DVDs and stuff, which is good. Social activities in my room are always fun.

Fourth and final thing - wash my clothes, and bedcovers and stuff. It can't possibly be helping me to be down to my "emergency clothes" - i.e., my navy trousers, my yellow shirt, and the underwear that I generally leave until last because it's useless. I'll wash all my nice stuff tomorrow, which will improve my mood.

Ah, I'm feeling happier already, just having a plan :o)

Update: Ooh, and see about talking to Jen more often on the phone, if agreeable to her :o)


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