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Well, it appears (fingers crossed) to be semi-working. But God only knows.... It's running in 800x600 right now, I think - apparently, the resolution I always use (1152x864) isn't supported by my POS monitor. I shall try stepping it up to 1024x768 later, if it still hasn't crashed. Wish me luck, feeble mortals.

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Oh, okay. Yeah, I hate low resolutions like that. My monitor is at 1280X1024! I'll never go back to 1024! I love this high resolution. :)

And I have cable modem, so I don't use my never-used 56K modem. Heh.

Good luck.
And I'm not a feeble mortal. ;P

Well I'd like to run it in a high res, but I can live with a lower one if I really must. But a few diagnostics have uncovered a memory problem too, which is somewhat vexing...

And if cablemodems were available on a wide scale (if at all) in this country, I'm sure I'd get one. But until then, I have to put up with a modem.

Which part(s) doesn't apply to you? Feeble, mortal, or both? :o)

The feeble doesn't apply to me. :P I'm too mortal for my own good, though.

Where are you, that doesn't allow cable modems? That should be a crime.

I shall bear that in mind then :o)

As to not having cablemodems - here in Britain they, like, don't really exist. Oh sure, in a couple of trial places they do, but in general, you just can't get them. Ho hum...

Re: Oh, I see now.

when I get home, we can get some guns and go storm Cable and Wireless, agreed :o) They WILL die if they refuse to give us cable modems :o)

Nah... We don't want our service to be provided by Clueless and Witless.... We need competent people to be providing them...

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