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Nap Time!
I'm tired. I need my rest. I got very few hours of sleep last night, on account of how I forgot to hand in my vitally important essay yesterday. My essay worth 6% of this year, which I need in order to pass one of my modules. And I didn't hand it in on time, because the website (until some time in the last couple of days only) said "End of Week 6" rather than "Thursday 4pm of Week 6". So, yeah, fucked that one up.

So I finished it off last night, and handed it in first thing this morning, and will only be penalised 10% of my mark. And since the essay was, frankly, a piece of shit, 10% isn't going to be many percentage points at all ;o) But in all seriousness, hopefully I've done well enough to at least get a reasonable grade - I'd be surprised if I don't pass (very surprised).

Anyway, so yeah, not had much sleep, and I kinda need sleep in order to stay my usual bright, cheery self, without wanting to kill people and/or electrical appliances (first degree toastercide isn't pleasant, trust me). So without further ado, I bid you goodnight :o)

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Night, nice talking to you.

Sleep tight xxx

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