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(Private) Damnit
I hate when that happens.... I woke this morning from a dream where Jen and her mom came to England, specifically to my University, which was back home in Oxfordshire. I took Jen out in the car around my village to show her around, and then she decided that she wanted to go out somewhere, so we went back to the Uni. She then vanished with this guy, and I spent the remainder of the night firstly looking for her, and then when I decided I couldn't find her, I went back to her hotel room and slept on her bed. I then had to justify this act to her mother, who thought that she was in the bed (which was (sadly) clearly not the case). Anyway, then she came in the next morning with this guy, and started acting all lovey-dovey with him, making me jealous and stuff.

Grr... Like I said - I hate when that happens. Annoying dreams which, despite how stupid they are, still really get to you and depress you. On the up-side, of course, it's nice to be able to look at the dream and say "Yeah, just a dream", but still... Oh well...

In other news, I handed in my essay - they were really nice about it, and informed me that I would only lose 10% of my mark - given how shite the essay was, 10% isn't going to be much ;o)

So, that's me done for another week. Next week on Monday I have two revision classes, one at 10:15am and one at 11:30am. Then on Wednesday I have another revision class, I forget what time. So that'll give me something to do then... On those days when I don't have revision classes, I should probably be revising, plus working on various things. I have a LJ style to complete and upload, a website to redesign, and a whole host of other crap which I have to do. So I'll probably be able to keep myself busy enough...

As for right now - sat in the Computing Labs in Maths - it's sufficiently early in the morning (i.e. it still is the morning) that there aren't many people here, so it's nice. Although not as nice as at, like, 4am or whenever, when you're the only person in the room, and you can just sit there in lovely peace and quiet... Ah well...

So, plans for tonight... None as yet - odds are, everybody will just go to the pub, or something equally annoying. I honestly don't see the appeal - with a couple of exceptions, none of them socialise with anybody from outside the flat, and as such, all they're doing is going out to get drunk. After all, since they only interact with each other, they may as well do it at home in front of a TV, or sat around in the dining room, but instead they choose to go to smokey bars and drink alcohol to do it. Each to their own, I suppose...

Hmm... Now here's the question... Here I am, sat on the Uni network, nice fast connection - can I be arsed to get up and go back home to my 56k modem which disconnects me every two hours during the day? Hmm.... Probably not. I'll hang around here for a while :o)


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