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I wanted to organise going out tomorrow night, probably with James, Claire, Alex, and anybody else who felt like going to see a film (the only social activity I can easily organise for everybody, aside from Pizza Hut - ooh, there's an idea...), but the only films on are:
  • Blow
  • Bridget Jones' Diary
  • Broken Heats Club
  • Captain Corelli's Mandolin
  • Pearl Harbour
  • See Spot Run
  • The Dish
  • The Mummy Returns
And frankly, I've not heard anything especially wonderful about any of them. So I just don't think we'll bother, really... Which is a shame :o(

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Re: Blow is alot better than it sounds..

I'd never be able to justify it to the others - I suspect with a selection like that, they'd pick The Mummy Returns, and since I have no intention of seeing that, I'll just not suggest a cinema trip.

Also, films that are an hour long than they have to be generally bug me - despite how young I am, I'm still very conscious of hurtling towards death (this past year has gone by so quickly, it just makes me wonder if the whole thing doesn't speed up as you get older), and I can't spare an hour of my life needlessly ;o)

"this past year has gone by so quickly, it just makes me wonder if the whole thing doesn't speed up as you get older"

just wait till ure looking in the mirror thinking
"christ, in 3months, ill be 22......."
bet u feel young now eh?

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Why wait many years? You can start now. Send off $10 to the following address for your inexpensive starter pack.....

Re: Yeah but atleast he won't be living with mommy and daddy :P

i dont live with mummy and daddy fuckface
im staying here till september when i move into my new house
i dont like u much
and id appreceiate it if u fucked off and never bothered me again
infact, alot of people would appreciate it

The Dish is good, well it did very well in it's native country, that being Australia where it broke all kinds of records. It has originality, and for that alone I would go see it.

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Re: I've resolved...

It's a sickness, that's what it is... :o)

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