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I have my new computer. Don't expect me to be around for the next few days. It needs fixing, and setting up, and stuff...

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What kind of computer did you get?

Pentium III, 800MHz
128mb RAM
40gb HDD
GeForce 256
Some generic USR 56k modem
Win-TV Theatre TV card with remote control and FM radio
Intel Webcam type affair
Four Point Surround Sound System with Subwoofer

That's about all I can think of... Oh, and a 17" monitor, and Windows 98SE

Damn. It's hooked up! What are you trying to fix up, then?

See my latest update - the monitor is only worth about $150 at best, and won't support anything above 1024x768. I only ever ran it in 1152x864 and above previously, when it was crashing to hell... Hopefully, it's better now.

Plus, I got it replaced (for the second time), and now (finally), my modem is connecting at a reasonable speed (hence me using this one to update my journal now). It takes a minute exactly between authenticating my password and logging me on, but that's probably just to do with init strings.

Re: What kind?

Untick the little box saying "Log onto server" under conection options, somewhere in there!

If u havent done so already that is

Sounds like your PC is a bit crappy, get a refund and buy a decent one or get chris to make u one.

I doubt you can find me a PC with that spec for £1500.... (obviously I bought the sound system, webcam and TV card separate). Remember, it really needs 2 year on-site warranty, because I refuse to have to ship it back to base from Sussex if it buggers up. And the problem with this is that firstly, the monitor is shit. But that's OK, because I can work around that by decreasing the resolution, and it's not so bad. But secondly, there's a RAM failure somewhere in there. Now this is hardly something I can fix on my own, and it went for a while without being noticeable. I hardly want a problem like that right after I arrive at Uni, and have to ship the whole unit back to them. If Chris wants to do me an on-site warranty, I'll take him up on his offer. Until then.....

My little USR used to do that until I stopped telling Windows it was a USR. Works great as a "Standard 33.6", even though it's supposed to be a 28.8...

It's all moot now - it's gone back, and I'm getting a new one ASAP :o)

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