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I wish to create something. I don't know what though - I lack the ingredients to go into the kitchen and stun the universe with my culinary improvisation, lack of work has rendered my recent artwork utterly horrible (plus, without a scanner, it's fruitless anyway), it's too late to start doing anything on my guitar, and I'm not in the right mindset for writing anything especially good. So, until I can think of anything to do, I'll just leave you with this image - it was done by my favourite artist. Unlike many people, my favourite artist isn't some famous guy. He's a 20 year old in California called Jeff, who draws the best pictures, like, ever. If you notice any similarities between artwork I do, and stuff he does, it's because I base everything on his work :o)

And on that note, I'm off to play video games until inspiration manages to hit me :o)

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Katsuhiro Otomo-and-Masamune Shirow-wannabe. There is so much better out there if you look.

It's not quality I'm looking for, it's the style. And this guy does it exactly how I like :o)



Jay and Silent Bob rule :o)


new films oput soon! Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. =) gonna be ex!

I know, I've got the trailer... Ah, Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Jay and Silent Bob... It'll rule :o)

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