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(Private) Right, a plan
No letter from Systech today. Mind, they'll have only got my letter over the weekend, so yesterday was the first day to do anything about it, and Bryan probably had better things to do. So let's hope for tomorrow.

So, let's see. As soon as I get the letter, if it says I've got work, I'm running (literally) down to the bank and getting them to extend my overdraft limit, then running back to my flat, and booking my plane flights online, and having my tickets sent to me ASAP.

If I get a letter telling me I haven't got work, I need to phone RM and ask them about a job there. But that should be OK, I think...

If I don't get the letter this week, then on Friday I'll go to the bank, extend my limit, and get the tickets anyway. My parents would kill me (sorry, will kill me, since they'll see my bank statement before me), but I don't want to put this off any longer. I want those tickets as soon as possible - I want to stand there on my webcam, waving them around, and proving to the world that I'm off to America this summer :o)


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