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What I shall do is go into Brighton and eat at Burger King, like I was planning to do today. Or have a small Pizza at Pizza Hut, perhaps - who knows? Anyway, once done, I shall then buy a couple of things I need, then jog the mile or so to the other station, and get the train back from there instead.

One thing about Brighton, and indeed my University - Big Brother is most certainly watching me. Security cameras in every shop, on every street, it's ridiculous. You walk along, and there's a CCTV camera literally every 10 metres down one road. You can't go anywhere here without being spied upon - without my permission too. Bloody cheek. You wouldn't get this back home - I doubt there are many CCTV cameras on the streets of Thame, and I'm sure there are hardly any back in Chinnor. Bah.

My eyes started leaking tears earlier for no reason. It was most disturbing, I just started crying without feeling an extreme of emotion or anything. Probably something just irritating them I guess... Most odd...


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