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Good grief
It's very late.... Latest I've updated my journal after work in a long time. I feel sick, I've just eaten way too much chocolate sauce... I'm ill. Anyway, I've lots to say, I made a note of many things at work, which I'll try to get through now.

Well, we got into the place 15 minutes late. Most of the others had the day off, and there are only a few keys to go around, and so we had to wait until 8:45 to get in. But I was paid for 15 minutes of standing around, so that's OK. Speaking of getting paid, they've got my bank details, and the money will be in my account on Tuesday. Woohoo, I'll have £800 in there, more than I've, like, ever had. Which is absolutely excellent, given that I'm (hopefully - fingers crossed) getting my PC this weekend. Going into Wycombe tomorrow with any luck, to try to buy it. I want the bastard as soon as possible, so I can start on transferring stuff across, and setting it up how I like it...

Anyway, thankfully it is indeed the weekend now. I miss being on my holidays, and weekends are the nearest I get. I'm so glad that I'm going to be a student again soon - being a worker sucks, and I don't wanna do it ever again. I'm now 17 days through, out of a total of 36 days. So nearly halfway. Yay... Oh, and sad fact, simply to pad out this paragraph to acceptable length - every time I see the letter "y" on it's own in a sentence, I read it as "and" (which is what it is, in Welsh). It's weird. Hence why I hate when people use it to denote "why", because it confuses the hell out of me...

Anyway, we dropped the flowers off at Miss Round's house - she was out. Lord knows when she got home, they may well have been dead by the time she did - but the thought was there... We left a note with them, saying they were from myself, Phil and Matthew (but Matthew had to go away, so I signed his name in his handwriting for him). This evening, she phoned up and thanked me for them, which was nice of her. Phil's car was boiling hot, and I found myself sweating. However, for some scary reason, only my right armpit was sweating. The left one didn't at all, and was bone dry. Now this just seems odd to me. We debated going to Mrs Hawley's house to thank her too, but realised that we've no idea where she lives, and I had no time anyway. Oh well, some other time.

I played my silly little game with the boiling water in the sink again. I won it a couple of times, then the water was really hot and it hurt lots. But I still won again. Sad, I know, but it's all I have to pass the time with when I need to get away from the stupid *click click click* of the damned primary flow meters... Oh, and that girl was there again - I figure she's working upstairs or something, which is why I never see her. But she's not my type, as I've said before - too damned hard faced. Oh, and the fact that I'm going away to meet nice girls in October - I can wait that long (in fact, I have an agreement with David that I must wait until Uni - the bastard).

Anyway, the rest of the day was rather lazy, boring, and above all sleepy. Nothing much to tell, except the fact that I almost fell asleep several times. Ugh.... Oh well.

Um, more later I hope. My brother has some little idiotic friends around - one's head is the shape of the block of Tofu from Monkey Island 3, one is clueless, and one is just very very scary. And then there's Ed (my brother). Ho hum.... They may steal the study from me, and I may have to hit Ed, but I'll at least try to update again later. Speak to y'all soon...

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that girl

So, who's 'that girl' who appears to be working in the same building as you?


Just some random chick, that's all...

the one that you where trying to bump into 'accidently' the other week?

Yea... I've kinda lost interest now

fair enough
y? (hehe)

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