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(Private) Interesting Question
If you were stranded in a technological wilderness, but were given a computer that could read journals and could only read 5, whose would they be?

Wow... That's a tough one... In fact, almost impossible. But only almost.....

The Winners

unknownj No, it's not arrogance - I need to be able to read my journal. For the past 10 months, I've poured everything into this thing. Back in August, I'd wake up a couple of hours before I had to go to work and just read through every journal in the UK. I'd post about my days at work. This thing holds all the details of my first real full time job, my first year at University, my feelings for the past year. I'd not be able to live without it, because it's me.

orangespice Well duh. I don't think I even have to justify this one...

david What would I have done without David for the past few years? Probably a lot worse for myself than otherwise. These last 18 months, he's supported me and I've supported him - he's been the best friend I've ever had, and that's important to me.

xpander Despite his infrequent posting (and occasional deletion of his journal), Dan would certainly be on my list. He's my link back to my past, or at least some of it. The last two years of high school wouldn't have been the same without him there.... The seven of us would have been six, and have been rather different I think. Now he's the only one I really speak to much any more - Chris is at Uni and is only really in contact when he's home, Mike is in Australia and will be for another few months, Grant never leaves his house or communicates in any way with anybody, Ben and Oliver vanished off the face of the planet when school ended thanks to their psychotic mother... Just me and Dan left now. There's always Becca, of course, but she very much has new friends now, and always had a large group of friends apart from me.

oldgit Well, I could hardly leave my father behind, could I? Just when he's starting to get back into the whole journal thing, and seems to be really taking an interest in my life. Heck, he knew what Brian's LJ username was on the phone earlier - it shows that he's paying attention to the whole me and Jen thing... Yay :o)

Runners Up

tma Alex doesn't put enough in his journal for it to be worth it, although he's still one of my closest Internet friends (even if he doesn't realise it)

nosygit Well, it'd be nice to take Becca's journal with me, but she really doesn't need me any more, and hasn't since we were about 15. Gone are the days when we really relied on each other - although then again, also gone are the days back when we were about 9 years old, when we'd bitch at each other constantly :o)

davedowns Hmm, TFD would go on this list, but we don't talk so much any more. Since he broke up with Kat, he's gone a bit funny in the head, and as such, doesn't talk so much or anything... Oh well.


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