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Right, so...
Jogged to the station and got the train into Brighton, then jogged to the guitar shop. Some really nice things there - I saw a bass v-clone for about £400, which looked pretty darned nice to me... Anyway, looked at a few guitars, but there wasn't really anything that took my fancy (thankfully), so I just went and bought my tuner instead. It's a nice chromatic tuner, so I can detune my guitar to my heart's content, which set me back a few bob, although I did manage to get the guy to reduce the price. I love places that'll do that :o)

Anyhow, jogged back up to the station (uphill, arg, talk about things that'll kill you), then got the train back to Uni again. I was going to go to Burger King and eat myself silly on junk (which, although bad for me, is probably better than what I've been feeding myself lately), but I decided against it. Instead, I'll eat something nutritious here instead, later...

Anyway, my guitar is now nicely in tune, I think, so I can once more play many many chords without my ears bleeding from the bad tuning :o)

*wanders off to play some songs*

Oh, in other news, I am registered to vote both at home, and here. I'm wondering how best to defraud the system at present. However, this does mean that if I am unable to vote back home, I can always vote here. I sent off my form, but it has to be in by tomorrow, and it may not make it - who knows? So I may just vote here instead. Or both ;o)

I had other things to say, but I forget them...

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awww... i'm sorry...

i didn't mean to be grumpy like that, but only one second after i got off the phone with you did i realise that it was you. sorry, but i'm a wee bit tired and grumpy because today wasn't the best day... of course csjbo called, but i got off the phone with him before he could really say anything...

anyway, sorry love



Hmm, note to self - begin all phone conversations with "Hi, it's James, your boyfriend, remember?" ;o)

Oh, and the above is most certainly meant in a joking way - I just can't get the words to work right in any order to make that obvious, so here's a disclaimer :o)


As for csjbo - he's not on my friends list, you can say his name if you want ;o)

As for your day - you will be telling me all about it later, I expect :o)

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