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(Private) Hmm
Just got off the phone from my dad, which was nice... Had a long chat, just about how life is going and stuff - it's been a while since we've done that. Easter was mostly him being pissed at me for fucking up my life up to that point with regard to money and such. Part of the conversation went:
Me: Oh, and once I hear from Bryan, I'll need money off you for my ticket
Him: Yes, how much do you need for that?
Me: Getting on for £500, then it's off to America
Him: Yes, for a whole frickin month
Heh... It's a very me-like thing for him to have remembered exactly what she said and repeat it. Must be kinda confusing for him though - he cares about me and how things are going, so he reads my journal, and he reads her journal, but we both talk in riddles so much, and so there's much he won't get. He told me about the story he mentioned to Jen in that post - the one about What's in a Name. He has it at home, so I'll have to read that next time I pop in...

Anyway, I'm just impressed that he's making an effort and stuff - it means a lot to me, since I used to get the idea that he wasn't taking it seriously at all. Like when I'd want to stay up late to talk to her, he'd be unreasonable about that, like he didn't think it was important. But I think he's changed his mind about that one now - in fact, I know he has, if he even thought it was unimportant in the first place.

Woohoo :o)

Anyhow, off into Brighton to get guitar stuff.... I think I'll get the train in....


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