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(Private) Food today
150g Cadbury's White Chocolate Fingers
150g Maryland Choc-Chip and Hazelnut Cookies
250g McVitie's Hob Nobs
150g Galaxy Milk Chocolate
330g Mars Drink
50g Galaxy Caramel Bar

That's over a kilogram of chocolate. Holy shit, in the last 24 hours, I've eaten over two pounds of chocolate. How the fuck am I still thin? Bah, stupid.

In other body-related news, my posture and tone are both improving due to how I sit at the computer - I have to lean forward reach it right, since I'm sitting on my bed. This is fixing the years of bad posture which led to my back being somewhat arched funnily. And for some reason, sitting like this is improving my stomach muscles, in that I actually have some now. Not visible most of the time, but I can tense them, and see them quite clearly, and I can feel them with my fingertips like all the time. Ah, the joy of being skinny is that when you have muscles, they're so much more obvious. Heh, my biceps still shock everybody who sees them - they're nothing that special, but because of how thin my arms are, they're so noticeable.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go running more.... Or something. Need to shape up, because I'm just damned unfit at times. I've got more stamina than Jimbo, but he's better able to keep running when he's out of energy - I find that I can run comfortably for a long time, but once I'm tired out completely, that's it. I dunno which I'd prefer - he whines about being tired after 30 seconds, but he can run miles further than me.

Anyhow, am very impressed with presence of newfound muscles.... All very groovy, really :o)


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