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Five weeks and five hours before my plane leaves. Hopefully tomorrow Bryan will give me a ring to confirm work (please!!), and I'll then be able to book my tickets immediately. Woohoo :o)

Best start thinking about exactly what I want to take... Hey sweetie, is there anything British you want me to bring? Marmite is a no-no, I'm guessing, but is there anything else you or your family might want me to bring with me? :o)

OK, so, plan for tomorrow - go into Brighton, purchase electronic guitar tuner and maybe have a look at some bass guitars, eat at Burger King (it's more healthy than today's feast of chocolate, so...), then come back home and do some HTML. I'm working on two LJ styles right now, so....

Right, bed time. Off to dream of somebody.... :o)

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Not to butt in, but if she's never had British chocolate, she'll think she's died and gone to heaven ... 8-)

Ah, but bringing chocolate was already on my list :o)

Anyway, when I was in New York, they had two types of chocolate - that Hershey stuff that is the most foul processed crap ever, and the sort of stuff we have here. I'm sure nice chocolate is available, I remember them certainly selling some stuff I liked. Although, I'm sure I can find some very nice chocolates here (read: expensive :o)

Most excellent idea. 8-)

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