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(Private) I did it again
I fell asleep and woke up in time to speak to her.... I love the feeling of relief I get when I realise I've not missed her - I was only lying down for a moment, having a think about things...

One thing I thought about was this...

A Fantasy
I'll go over to America this summer, and everything will work out fine

A Plan
I'll go over to America this summer. After that, I'll work for two months to pay my parents off everything I owe them, then get a job at Pizza Hut working 10 hours at weekends during term time. That, along with the free meals, will pay for me actually living every week of next year. My student loan will pay for my rent. I can then work a few weeks each holiday, which will pay for more time in America, so I can visit Jen in holidays too. Then we get to next summer, and etc. etc. Everything will work out fine because we'll both try damned hard.

So yeah, there's the thing - I think a certain guy forgot to learn the difference between those two things, and should perhaps start learning.


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