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Tonight, I think I will download...
... Simpsons Episode 3F24: El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer / The Mysterious Voyage of Homer

Seriously, watching that episode had, like, the most oddly profound effect on me. I once had a dream, which matched so closely to that episode (not in plot, but in the scenery of the hallucination) that it's just scary. It matters a lot to me, for some reason. Anyway, so yeah, I'm gonna get that :o)

In other news, Annie had a brief "Pointed Discussion" with Jimbo, where she explained to him how much of an ass he's been being lately, which is good. Otherwise, not much going on. Watched Speed, and I'm still left wondering why the sequel focused on Sandra Bullock rather than Keanu, who was by far the better character...

More later

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my guess would be ONE of them read the script and decided they actually quite liked their career in acting..

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Found it on WinMX, but I couldn't get hold of it in the end.... Although Tau knows of a server where you can get a few episodes (not many though)... Where did you get it from?

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Mmm... FTP... :o)

If you could put that one on an FTP server, that'd be cool - although it takes me about an hour to download 10mb, so it may take me a while :o|

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