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Well I've really got nothing to do until tomorrow morning, when I shall be receiving a call about a job that I'm after. Until then, I have literally nothing to do. Perhaps I shall do some washing or something.... In fact, I'll put that on now.

*some 4 minutes later*

Well, I've now used the washing machine for the first time in my life. In it are a few shirts, some t-shirts, and a cuddly yellow dog of mine (he needed a wash). Anyhow, that being done, I really have nothing to do. I've done the washing up, I'm not hungry yet, the cat won't be fed until midnight when she decides to come home, and basically, there's nothing more that needs doing. All the girls I talk to are either in America, in France, or at a party, so that's a dead end. Maybe I should just play my guitar, and sit here sulking :o)

*goes off to get guitar and Red Hot Chili Peppers CD*

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Bite me David :o)

I think I'll pass, and anyway, I can't bite someone who's about 200 miles away from me, oh well, you probably taste worse than the kebab I just had anyway :o)

Were you drunk? Kebabs are quite vile (except when heavily intoxicated). ;o)

woah talk about an old post, at first I couldn't remember it, then I loaded the comments page and thought maybe james was using my name for comedy value, then like, I looked at the date.


Were you?

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