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My alcohol addled brain
Was chatting to the girls, and they had been drinking rather a lot. So I decided to catch up. I feel decidedly sick, but at the same time so very glad that this thing has a spell check - it almost looks like I'm sober. Plus, I can fool family - its easy, I just act smooth as usual (ha!)....

Now Laura has gone off in a huff, after talking nonsense. Julaine is drunk and won't admit it, Hannah wants to play the Maracas, Grace wants to have sex, Jon was, I think, pretending to be a girl to pick me up (failed), and Jo didn't say much....

Anyway, bedtime for me soon, I think.... I don't feel so good.

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I got kicked off again . . =-/


What was your reason for not coming to the pub Webley??? Oh yea, "whats the point if you cant drink anything" and something about work the next day.

You wont be able to use those again


OK, next time I'll just be less polite, and say "No, I don't really want to".

Plus, it's one thing to go out for the sole purpose of drinking, and getting back late, it's another to have a couple of drinks at home and have an early night to sleep them off.

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