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(Private) Ho hum
Just had a brief chat with Annie, thanking her for telling James to sod off earlier. She too couldn't see why, after a couple of minute of pounding on my door, he felt the need to continue - surely if I'm not opening it after that, I'm either not in, or I'm not wanting visitors. I had precious little sleep last night, and he cut it rather short, the wanker.

Further explained to her that he tried to come into my room last night to watch DVDs, despite me telling him to piss off. She's kinda cross at him for being such a jerk at the minute, which is good, since I'd hate to be seen as being unreasonable. For all he knew, I could have been out earlier or something, and if I wasn't opening my door, then there was a reason. I dunno whether to tell him I was in or out, it makes little difference, either way he'll assume I was in and ignoring him - good.

Harry came for a chat (since there's nobody else in right now, and she's boring bored), but I explained that I'm not feeling especially sociable right now - people are not what I need right now. Chocolate and music are what I need. Yummy :o)