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First of all, congrats to Dave for not failing everything horribly. You surprised us all...

No, wait, I'm kidding - well done, they're good, regardless of whether they're enough to get into your sucky stupid sixth form - be proud of them :o)

Um, also, go listen to the lyrics of "Sweet Like Chocolate", by Shanks & Bigfoot. If those don't explicitly describe something dodgy, I dunno what does.... It's shameful (this from the person whose name on MSN Messenger is currently "Jim - Better than Sex")...

Um, all in all, not a bad day. I've not got much to report on right now, so I'll post more tonight about my evening in general. I gave up on cracking that silly formula, and am now using one that has been calculated before, which I believe to be inaccurate and crappy, but it's all I have to go on. It's giving me negative readings when it shouldn't, which is a bit worrying though. I did some tests which went rather well, and gave good results (after I stopped doing it my ultra-accurate way and did it the boss's way, which is really better...).

Oh, and it's only a couple of weeks before I get my next girlfriend. Hmm, that looks confusing, allow me to explain. For the past few girls, it has been almost exactly 4 months between me leaving one girlfriend and meeting the next. And the last one was on the 6th of May. Which is so nearly 4 months ago. It's my hope that given a few weeks, I'll meet somebody new, who is, like, nice and stuff. I guess I could wait until I get to Uni, but please, no longer than that. This whole loneliness business is getting boring (and depressing, like last night), and I miss things like closeness, kissing, and obviously sex. Ugh.... Funny fact: Occasionally my father reads my journal. Ha! He'll wish he didn't read this post, that's for sure....

Anyway, more later.... I'm feeling a bit sleepy, and might rest for a little bit now... Ah, beautiful song on now... Ho hum...

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MSN is being a bitch . . I doubted being able to get into hotmail and just email you. . so, I'm just commenting. . assuming that your msn will tell you that you've got email . . :(

GRRRR!!!! Re-installing doesn't help SHIT, I assume. God damnit, I now officially HATE hotmail . . . you need Instant Messenger, mister. =-) That'd be NICE! Well, GRRRRRRR once again . .


Pooh. . miss ya =-)

Alright. . I'm ripping my hair out . . just so you know. =-/


Nah, it's AOL software. 'nuff said.

MSN Messenger is AOL software? You're joking, right?

No, but AOL Instant Messenger (which she was saying I should get) probably is made by AOL :o)

I see. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut.

Yes, don't make me bring the lads over to beat you and your Mansfield Gangs into a bloody pulp...

Reading your journal

Even funnier fact - I am now responding to your journal!!! Anyway, I have to read it for two reasons:

1) It's the only way I can find anything out.
2) It might give me something that I can embarrass you with. There has got to be some compensation for being a father.
3) There is no third reason as I stated above that there were only two reasons so please do not read this long unpunctuated sentence as it should not even be here.

Re: Reading your journal

Oh good grief.... Ho hum.... You've got nothing on me, you'll not find anything here...

*opens past posts*

*delete delete delete*

Re: Reading your journal

Anyone interested in any particular html files residing in my web cache, please send $5 to:

Reycov McKenzy
101 Canada Drive
P0S 7A1, NB


Re: Reading your journal

Traitor... :o(

Re: Reading your journal

Of course I am, why did you think I was trying to kill you and take over the AA? .-)

Re: Reading your journal

I just figured it was a misplaced sense of love...

Re: Reading your journal

Not of you I hope... .-)

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