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(Private) Phew
Jimbo came to my door, banging on it very loudly and calling my name. Not in an "I'm worried about you not answering your door" way, rather in an "I want to bug you, open your fucking door" way. I can't put up with his shit right now, especially after he wakes me up from my first real sleep, so I just stayed quiet. So he kept banging loudly until Annie came out and told him that she thought I'd gone out. Remind me to hug her later - she can hear me typing this now from her room, and she knows I'm not out.

Anyway, so he went away, only to come back 5 minutes later to try again. He's now gone again, thankfully, and hopefully for good. My room phone is now unplugged and my mobile on silent. I wish when you want people to fuck off and leave you alone that they'd take the hint.


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