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(Private) Grr
Everybody in her life I try to make an effort with just stabs me in the back... Brian, Sarah, Thomas. I tried to be nice to every single one, with no other motive than to get along with the people in her life, and they were all fucking me over behind my back. Why the hell do I ever bother?

Especially Thomas - I logged out and read my journal, and there is no way you can get the impression that I'm just in this for sex - ergo, and I think this was fairly obvious from the start, the motherfucker is just badmouthing me to make me look bad and himself look good (and not even I did that when she was still with Tony, not f'ing once, if I recall correctly). And here's Jen, sensitive to suggestion, and far too nice for her own good, repeatedly subjecting herself to that. Well I'm really not happy with that, and I swear to God that he'll soon know it, one way or another, even if I have to wait 5 weeks to beat the knowledge into him.

Seriously pissed off at him right now. Well, we'll just see how this pans out. But I can't stand the thought of losing her just because some asshole there that she was too nice to stop listening to said bad things about me. Seriously not happy with this.


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