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(Private) It should be obvious, but...
Well, I make sense to me, but I'm probably the only person. Anyway, I wrote you a quick letter, put a couple of things in the envelope, and that was what I took down to the post box to send. And that explains my 4am wander around campus and stuff. I won't tell you what the two things I sent are, you can find out for yourself in three weeks - they're nothing much though. They mean very little to anybody except me - but I figure that the important thing to send, if anything, would be something that means a lot to me. Small symbolic gestures... Anyway, the letter explains more of that.

As for my current state, well, I'm OK. Really, I am. Sort of. I'm not going to pretend I'm fine or anything, because firstly, you'd see through that, and secondly, what sort of boyfriend would I be if I was able to take something like this? Probably an apathetic one. Which I'm not. However, a wise person once said
"Life is not about fairness... Life is about how you survive those things which are unfair."
So... Anyway, the worse I take it, the more insane I'd get, and the more annoying that would be for all concerned. And I have a feeling that you need me to be here and sane right now, so that's how I'm going to be. If you're free for a phone conversation any time tomorrow, tell me and I'll call, if you like.

Anyway, I haven't got much else to say right now - like I said, hard to find the words. So I'll just say goodnight, my darling. I love you :o)

edit: f'ing bitch, I shoulda just dumped you....


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