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I could go shopping tomorrow
I need bread, peanut butter, and an electic tuner for my guitar. Not necessarily in that order, but still...

So yeah, in theory, since my lessons have ended for the rest of the year, I could pop into Brighton and get those things, plus anything else I need. Since the music store is in North Laine, I may as well get the train in, since that'll drop me off near that shop. Then I can probably wander down to the bus stop, get the bus to Sainsbury's, buy the food I need, then get the bus back home again. In theory.... Depends what time trains are running, and indeed the what time the bus decides to turn up. But still, that looks like what I'll be up to tomorrow afternoon.... Then I'll have a guitar which is finally in tune, which will no doubt astonish my father :o)

Update: Oh, wait, tomorrow is the Spring Bank Holiday - probably not the best day for shopping. I will change my plans to do the above on Tuesday, and to just sleep tomorrow. Sounds far better :o)


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