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If you had a really happy memory, and a really very bad memory, and they went hand in hand....

What do you do?

Hold onto both
Forget both

Just something that's been getting to me for a few years.... :o)

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Re: Not trying to be pessimistic

I wouldn't say that was pessimistic - if so, then not overly pessimistic, certainly. As you can see if you look at who voted for what, I was of the opinion that forgetting both is probably the best idea. And agreed - there's something about the human psyche that dwells on the negative, which is why the bad memory is probably more commonly recalled in my case than the good one.

And agreed on the second point - while good memories are nice, I certainly don't need the pain of the bad ones, and if it's possible to eliminate them, I probably should. I have sufficient good memories that come unattached to need to hang on to this one...

Re: Not trying to be pessimistic

which memory is this, darling?

Re: Not trying to be pessimistic

Just some two year old "issues" I have.... You can probably guess...

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