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I have the cutest bottle here - see picture:

See, it's in the shape of one of the large ones, but it's just a 35cl bottle. Which is nice, or something, I dunno. The top is a plastic thing, with a cork on it, which is also funny. And no, I'm not drunk - merely disjointed, as per usual. I keep my brandy mostly as a temptation, sitting here, not being drunk. It's a test of character or something. I have a thing for doing things to test my character.... I often fail, but still... ;o)

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Isn't it odd the way those little tiny bottles are labelled in centilitres where you are and millilitres where I am?

*peers at it* Adorable little thing ... I don't think I've ever seen one of those 'single-snort' sized bottles of Courvoisier before ...

Yes, it's weird. I think so much better in cl, even though shots are measured (obviously) in ml...

As for the bottle, I love it. It's like a miniature version of the litre bottles that the pubs have. And I've not seen one before either - they're usually those square-ish ones... Kinda hipflask shaped...

This is much more tasteful, I think .. classier-looking. Makes it look less uncouth to down the whole thing in one gulp. 8-)

Hmm, I'd like to see anybody who could down a third of a litre of brandy (about 14 shots) in one attempt.... My max is four shots in one, and even then I felt rather ill...

Hey, don't look at me .... one shot of brandy does me in, I've never been a brandy drinker. ;-)

i just realised that ive done that b4, hehe
then again, one must remember my "downing a pint of lager in 3seconds record"
sometimes i swear im not human, hehe

as a "drink whatever i can get my hands on provided its not brake fluid or meths" kind of person, i have discovered a few drinks over the yrs
if u can get hold of it, i highly recommend this brandy
its called metaxa and i believe (but am not 100% sure due to 15shots of it combined with the rest of what i drank that night doing me in totally hence my memory is a lil jaded) its greek in origin
but i can promise u tis very nice brandy
the price that was being charged for it i expected nothing else, hehe

My mum's fiancée loves that drink.

Can you give it to me so I could give it to him? :)

We sell that!

But not in that waste of time sized bottle


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