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For the first time in a while, I'm bored out of my tiny little mind.... Blah :o(

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Well if you want something to do then may I suggest:

1) Complete and post your postal vote

2) Complete and post your student loan form

If by some chance you have done both already then pat yourself on the back and be smug instead of bored :-)

Those activities are only going to bore me further ;o)

That's as maybe but (puts on best parental type voice) "They have got to be done, at least the loan form"

So be prepared for lots of reminders.....

BTW Any news from Systech?

So when do you intend to complete and send you loan form?

Complete tomorrow, hopefully, albeit probably in a fraudulent manner (calculate my probable earnings over the next year my arse).... Send it off on Monday, with any luck.

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