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What a shitty day. I'm under lots of pressure to actually come up with some answers for my boss, and I simply don't have them. I'm working on a formula which, if it actually works, will model the behaviour of one of the instruments, and will thus be able to work backwards, to take what the instrument does, and make sense of it. If I can get that sorted, I'll be saved. Oh, and on the subject of my job, I'm now properly on the payroll system - should be getting my first pay relatively soon, which will of course be going to my parents to pay for half my computer. I just need to give them my bank details, and I'm all set...

I had an odd thought earlier. I thought "What if a web page could change the appearance of your browser, like a skin?". Which was a good idea, until I thought about making your "Back" button into a "Format C:" button. Then it suddenly became a very bad idea. Oh well, it's the thought that counts... I also had another random thought. In Shakespeare in Love, at the end Queen Elizabeth says that two people joined in marriage cannot be separated, not even by her. Which is false. Because she was head of the church of England, since Henry VIII was protestant by the time she was born. Thus, she could grant a divorce if she wished. Just a little inconsistency there which probably doesn't matter, and probably has an explanation.

Oh, I thought of a gift for Mr Ryder... Well, along with the other things I'm getting him. I thought it might be amusing somehow if I got him a trophy on which it said "Least Terrible Teacher". He'd appreciate the humour in that, I think. Oh well... I think we've decided to get Miss Round some flowers or something - Phil suggested roses, I tried to steer him onto flowers with less romantic connotations - the last thing we all need is being accused of having a crush on her :o)

I played a funny game in the restroom today. No, wait, don't get scared. See, when I'm bored and want to pass the time, I fill the sink up with boiling hot water right to the top, and then have to dare myself to pull the plug out. The longer I wait, the cooler the water is, and the more seeps away, so basically it's a race against the clock to pluck up the courage to do it, before the achievement loses all significance. It really is sad what I do, but then, I get so terribly bored. I needed to talk to my boss at 12:30pm, and he wasn't out of his meeting until 4pm. I couldn't really do much work between those times, since I didn't know if what I was doing was all correct or not. Which is, obviously, a bit of a bugger. I just hope that tomorrow morning I can sort everything out - I've left myself a list of things I have to do, so fingers crossed...

Fortunately, this weekend is a bank holiday. For those of you unfamiliar with what that is (goodness knows why that might be the case), it means I get Monday off as well. Which means a three day weekend. Which is good, given that that'll be the first time I've had three days off in a row since last month. I know people who work all the time rarely get such things, but the point is that I've never had to work, not even in school. And suddenly, I do. And it's tiring. I'm so damned knackered, since I've been staying up until 11pm, getting up before 6am, and basically working all day, thus knackering me. Ugh... More sleep tonight, hopefully, but I won't count on it...

More nonsense and such things later, I'm sure... When I have the energy :o)

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I only suggested the roses because of the sign 'buy 1 get one free'. I thought we could make Schurch give Miss Round the Roses, and you could give Mrs.Hawley the free bunch!

Um, quite..... Or perhaps we should let Oliver do that, what with his special circumstances and all...

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