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I half want to kill him, half want to congratulate him. F'ing Dr Mulvey had us doing this impossible test for an hour, in which I could only answer three and a half questions tops out of ten. Didn't even attempt five of them - there was no point. I suffered, and suffered. Then, two minutes from the end of the exam, he writes on the blackboard "Self Marked Test - Solutions on the Web Now".....

All that work, effort, and misery, for a test that doesn't count towards our final grade, and which we mark ourselves. I was panicking about the staff seeing that I'd performed so badly on a test, only to find that they'll never see it anyway. Gah!

So yeah, I want to kill him for putting me through that, but I want to congratulate him because if I were a lecturer, that's exactly the sort of evil stunt I'd pull on my hapless students. Bwahahaha! :o)

But I needn't have gone to bed early last night, or worried that I wasn't getting enough rest when I couldn't sleep.... Bah. So I'll sleep through much of this afternoon, I think. Oh well, at least I didn't fail :o)

Anyway, so, what's new? Not much, other than the test. Sorry :o)

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I find that extremely hilarious. = )

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