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But before I go....
I've just participated in a bit of organised insanity... Annie yelled at me through the wall to come into her room, so I did, and we recorded a message for the voicemail on her phone. It went something like...

Annie: Hi, this is Joan
James: And this is Phil
Annie: We're not in right now
James: So leave a message
Both: And we'll get right back to you

Oh my God, it sounded so bad in the end. But that's what makes it so good... Sheer quality.... Totally insane, of course - we sounded like daytime TV presenters or something, but still, it was cool :o) Ah, Annie will be missed when she goes back to Indiana at the end of June.... It'll be a shame to lose all our international students :o(

And now, I really must be sleeping. Goodnight all, again :o)


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