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It's lots of hours since I last updated. That's never good. But my dad didn't wake me up in time to do much this morning, so posting in my journal had to be relegated to the "Things I'll do later". And now it's later. So I'll do the things I was meant to do earlier. Ah, before I forget, must check HMV Online, see if they have much Everclear stuff in stock... If it's only albums, they can forget it, but if they're doing singles, I shall buy some and ship a couple to Bri - he's after some...

*time passes*

Damn, OK, there weren't any.... Oh well. This lunch time, I went into town and met up with Phil. Armed with a tennis racket (long story - well, not that long, but there's at least a story which means that we weren't going to hit anybody with it), we went to the offices of the local paper. To find, to our horror, that it is closed for lunch over the hour I have free every day at lunch. Shock! So he'll have to go in alone or something, which is a pity.

Oh, the formula which I thought applied to the curve for one of my experiments has just been verified by my boss, who did another such test and got a similar trend. It probably means nothing to anybody but me, but at least it shows I'm taking the readings correctly. Yay for me...

And now, a poll. I want your opinions on something. Which of the following scenarios is the worst:

1) Your boy/girlfriend takes drugs, and you don't. So he/she dumps you for this
2) After spending the night with your boy/girlfriend, he/she accuses you of getting her as drunk as you could in order to force yourself on him/her while (s)he was vulnerable, and continues to accuse you of this for several weeks, until his/her real girl/boyfriend dumps him/her, when (s)he comes crawling back.

See, I know which one looks worst to me, but perhaps I'm merely delusional here... Oh well. More later, when I can be bothered with it all :o)

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I miss you, you know that, right? *cries*

The seven or so e-mails I received when I got online gave me a clue ;o)

Option number one is much worse,
Dont ask me why,
It feels worse,
It has an evil aura.

You don't think falsly accusing somebody of date-rape to alleviate your own guilt for what you willingly did is bad? :o)

I know someone who pulled someone who wasn't her bf and accused him of rape when her bf found out... but shes fucked up in the head anyway, she carved her exe's name into her arm...

That's familiar, except her boyfriend didn't find out and she still did it anyway, and as far as I know, she never carved anything anywhere... But the rest is about right... bitch...

The second one is worst, because I had to re-read it to understand it.

I admire that attitude. I think I'll take it....

Nooo - please don't! It took me ages to find. :(

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