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Gabby, you are wrong
I am willing to leave myself open to public humiliation just to prove Gabby wrong here.

Below are three MP3s of me singing a song I wrote for Jen about 3 months ago. I maintain that my guitar work is substandard, the recording is poor, the lyrics naff, and my singing is tone deaf, bordering on painful. She says they're good, or something. You decide.

Normal Version

Thrash Version

Acoustic Version

Right. Try those on for size, and stuff. Oh, and here's a bonus track:

Live - Turn My Head

That's my way of saying "Look, I can play guitar a bit if I try". Then there's a bit of bass, played as it is on my normal electric guitar, so it's obviously wrong:

Blink 182 - Untitled

Bits of that are just painful to me right now, but still.... Then there's more pretend-bass, here:

Blink 182 - Dick Lips

OK then, that's enough humiliation for one night. Heck, I'm even posting this publicly, so anybody can criticize me. So feel free, one and all :o)

Time for bed now - I need my sleep, since I have a day of revision tomorrow in preparation for my exam on Friday.....


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