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Yay, my significant other is safe and well, and has been speaking to me on ICQ, finally... He's staying in a frat house, and will probably be inducted into their silly Theta Xi Mu thing any day now - beware goats and pentagrams :o)
But the important thing is that he's safe. Until I got his mail a few days ago, I didn't know where the silly bugger had got to. He had to leave his previous location of residence because his time there had run out, and didn't have anywhere to go. And, naturally, the university was shite at sorting him out, so he thought he'd be homeless or something. Perhaps he was at one point, I dunno. The important thing is that he's safe now though :o)

Anyway, he seems to be having fun, or rather will, once he's finished with the suffering... Boy, does Bri like his suffering... Damned martyr... Anyway, it's getting semi-late, and since I've now been up for 36 hours, I'm getting just a bit sleepy. But I'd like to hear how my grandmother (who is in hospital right now) is, and to do that, I need to talk to my parents (who are visiting her right now, or have just left - either way, they're not here). Oh well.

The general consensus is that my current picture is better, so I'll keep it for the time being. Shame, since I rather like the new one - it looks more sensible. But then again, Laura said the old one was "Fine", which is enough endorsement for me. Nobody has yet to give my new picture a better review than that. Oh, and scarily enough, Siggy just messaged me this instant saying that he prefers the old one. Well Siggy, until you look and act like Laura, your opinion isn't quite as valuable - if she changes her mind, I'll change it back ;o)

Anyway, if I don't post anything more tonight, g'nigh all, love and hugs and other silliness to those who deserve it. Those who don't, kindly kick yourselves in the nuts on my behalf. Thank you.

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(Deleted comment)
Significant other?

Heh, duh . . I meant, who is the significant other? You've never mentioned this, Mr. James.

Bri... he's my other half, as it were. Nothing romantic in it though :o)

I find this rather alarming.

You're just jealous Scotty ;o)

Laura's just a friend :o)

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