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What's in a name?
Well, that's a good question. But first, today so far...

I got much money in the post. £80 from the 'rents, £20 from my grandparents, who I shall try to call later to thank them. So I can continue eating - hooray :o) In slightly more annoying news, I accidentally kicked my water filter over, so my floor got a bit wet. But only the floor, so that's OK. Anyway, onto the subject of today's contemplative post.

So, what's in a name? Gabby came on MSN Messenger last night (rather than AIM), and noticed that my name on that is Jim, rather than James. She asked which I prefer - and I have to warn you in advance, this post will not answer that question. Sorry :o)

So yeah, who am I? Well, in real life, in my flat, I'm Upstairs James, Jimbo, or just plain James. At school, I'm Webley, plus whatever names Becca gives me. On Usenet, I am The Unknown James, likewise ICQ and AIM, as far as I recall.... On MSN and (until just recently) LJ, I am Jim. Confused yet? You should be.

Now, in person, most people call me James. Or Webley. But those who call me Webley know me as James deep down anyway. I still can't get used to being called Jim in person, even though it'd be nice. I remember going up to Manchester, and everybody (and by that I mean Laura, Mitch and Jo, mostly) calling me Jim, and it being really different. Especially when Jo used it, since for Laura and Mitch it was just a label, but for her it was my name. I dunno how to explain that really, but it's kinda a boyfriend/girlfriend thing I guess (even though she was never technically my girlfriend).

So yeah, really, in "real life", most people call me James, with the exception of those people who knew me on MSN Messenger first. Now, for the "Which do you prefer?". Well, a few clues - I choose to always be known as either Jim or Jimbi on MSN, even though I change my name on it very often - I only change the quote, or alternate between Jim and Jimbi. Then again, on LJ, I recently went from "Jim Webley" to "James". So, I'll leave it up to you to decide which I like more, and to then probably all act to the contrary and call me the one I don't like ;o)

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whereas I just call you James, despite knowning what you actually seem to prefer, face it, I call you Jim and you'd be freaked out and not believe it was me :o)

IIRC, you are the only Manchester type personality who calls me James...

BTW, nice excuse for not caring what I like to be called ;o)

I know which you prefer!

It's "Pete" isn't it

Go on, admit it

Re: I know which you prefer!

Yes, if followed by Thomas.....

*changes his LJ name to Peter Thomas*

Re: I know which you prefer!


Thanks for the explanation! = )

I know what I like to call you, James, or Webley or the other names I get told off for!!!

You might like Jim ,but I can't get my head round it, sorry xxx

Actually, Jen already gave away the correct answer that I like being called James. But I very much like Laura, Jo, Julaine etc. all calling me Jim, for some unfathomable reason, so... :o)

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