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I've not laughed so hard in a long time.... Check out the Monster Raving Loony Party Manifesto for a seriously good read. Special parts include:
In keeping with the European position on everyone carrying Identity cards, it's proposed that a law be introduced compelling everyone to carry very small mirrors so that when asked they can look in the mirror and identify themselves.
The north / south divide should become a more complicated mathematical equation rather than a simple division. We suggest a square root.
This is actually my style of humour, yeesh...
We'll make class sizes smaller by standing kids closer together & giving them smaller desks.
And finally
Our policy on Asylum Seekers is simple, the asylums should be better sign-posted
There are many more, but you have to go to the site to find them. Suffice it to say, I am tempted to vote for them :o)

Anyway, at 3:20am, my speakers started buzzing. Odd, I thought, then I realised it was because my phone was about to ring. Which it then did. The call was from Vicky, who had heard my typing and knew I was still awake...
"James, are you any good with spiders?"
"Um, yes, I guess so"
"There's a spider on the wall by my bed"
"Want me to come in and sort it"
So yeah, there was a nice garden spider on the wall by her bed, and not a small one either. So I had to remove it from the house, all the while with periodic screams from Vicky, who is very scared of them. I don't mind them really - they kill flying bugs that really bother me, so... :o)

Anyway, when I left her, she was thinking about getting dressed and going over to her boyfriend's place, because she feels uneasy about the spider having been on her bed. Things are going really well with those two, actually, which is great news. It's so sweet that she's got a boyfriend now, and she's so smitten with him :o)

Oh, OK, one more:
We'll introduce fruit machines where you put a lemon in the slot to try and line up three of the same coinage, in order to win more lemons
Heh... :o)

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DUNG BEETLES! *laughing* I love these guys!!! Shame Screaming Lord Sutch died just as I was discovering them ...

They have a better leader now, a Cat, called Mandu, Catmandu, geddit? lol, fucking funny manifesto though...

Did anyone notice though that when they did their press release outside parliament the manifesto was a blank sheet of paper...

Beautiful!!! OOH, I do have to convince them of some way of starting up here in Canada. 8-)

why don't you become a Canadian candidate?

hell become Canadian leader...

I'm certainly qualified ... great idea ... 8-)

lol, e-mail them and ask them ;-)

Hallo, may I be a Loony? %-)

"We'd let you, however sometimes even we have to draw the lines of insanity..."

Ah, right, of course ... I'll just pop off and become president of the US then, cheers. ;-)

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